Spectacle La Fortuna. Lady with an Ermine, prepared by the “Cracovia Danza” Court Ballet (Poland)


La Fortuna. Lady with an Ermine brings an attention to the only Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece that is kept in Poland – the portrait of Cecilia Gallerani. The performance takes an audience to the Sforza court in Milan during glorious times of Italian Cinquecento, showing richness and sophistication of its culture. The play is based on the renaissance tradition of ballet performances and contains reconstructed pieces of Il Paradiso – a show featuring costumes and scenery designed by Leonardo. The performance is full of renaissance music, recreated authentic choreographies, costumes inspired by iconography and design of those years.

Cracovia Danza Court Ballet, founded by dancer and choreographer Romana Agnel, is Poland’s only professional ballet that specializes in Baroque and Old Polish dances. The ballet has been a Municipal Institution of Culture since 2006. The group’s repertoire is inspired by, among others, dance masters' treatises as well as old iconographic sources, and spans the periods from the Middle Ages to modern times.

 Information on performance time and tickets will be published soon